Our Brand Story

If you’ve ever had a fishing trip spoiled by wind and rain, a barbecue cut short by sweltering heat, or your shoulders scorched by the blazing sun, Blackfish has been there, too. Which is why we’ve spent decades mastering high-performance outdoor apparel rooted in one-of-a-kind technology designed to keep you warm, cool, or dry in any environment – no matter how calm or intense.

Originally born to meet the needs of professional fishermen and serious anglers, we’re here today to support anyone who simply wants to be more comfortable while enjoying life in the great outdoors. Whether setting a hook on a smallmouth, watching the sun set on a faraway beach, or lining up brats at a tailgate, Blackfish has you covered all the way through, combining comfort and function in a way no one else can.

From our Soft-Shell line designed for lasting warmth and comfort to our durable Rain Wear built to combat wetness with waterproof breathability, our clothing is engineered to withstand all of the elements – on land, sea, and everywhere in between. We’re committed to setting the standard in technical apparel, delivering a fully personalized experience led by our own team of outdoor-obsessed anglers and adventurers. Every question you have and every purchase you make is backed by our own intimate knowledge and a streamlined shopping experience – both online and in-store.

Technical outdoor apparel to make the most of any moment.

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Technology for Every Environment

About Our Technology
Saying that we take outdoor apparel seriously is a sturgeon-sized understatement. We place unmatched focus on our customers’ comfort by approaching our gear from a technical standpoint, ensuring you receive the performance and fit you need from your product day in and day out. We’re firm believers that great people working together can create great products, because that’s all we’ve ever known. And from the very beginning, it’s always been about the innovative technology that goes into every rainsuit, Soft-Shell jacket, and UPF shirt.
Thermal Snare
Keep heat inside the garment while protecting against wind and cold.
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Cool Charge
Stay cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun with chemical-free technology.
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Prepare for the unexpected with waterproof, windproof warmth.
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Stay dry inside and out with our fully waterproof and breathable fabrics.
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Experience 10K Breathability and Waterproof Ratings designed to keep you out there.
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Our Valued Industry Partnerships

Enjoying life in the outdoors has always been about community, and Blackfish is proud to partner with organizations that share our same drive toward providing quality outdoor gear designed for unforgettable experiences. We are always looking to forge new alliances with groups and individuals that share our values, our commitment to quality, and our passion for the life lived outdoors.

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