All-Season Protection Against Wind, Rain, and Cold

Stay ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way with the waterproof, windproof warmth of StormSkin technology. Every Soft-Shell hoodie, jacket, and bib outfitted with our StormSkin fleece combines a premium waterproof and windproof fabric with a free-hanging, Thermal Snare inner lining made to perform in any season.

Designed to keep your body heat inside while setting up a waterproof and thermal barrier, StormSkin gear is a long-trusted favorite on the open water, on the ice, and for everyday wear. From the Gale Pullover to the Squall Jacket and beyond, it provides proven protection to help anglers and outdoor-lovers prepare for the unexpected.

Premium Waterproof and Windproof Fabric on the Outside

Free-Hanging, Thermal Snare Lining on the Inside

Designed to Trap Heat Inside While Creating a Waterproof and Thermal Barrier

Perfect for All Seasons on the Open Water, on the Ice, or for Everyday Wear