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About Our Gear
You can’t choose the weather – but you can choose the comfort and performance needed to overcome it. From our breathable Soft-Shell to our durable Rain Wear, our clothing is engineered to take on all of the elements – on land, sea and everywhere in between. Find your gear today to withstand anything the elements throw your way.

Clothing Engineered for the Life Lived Outdoors

About Our Technology
Our team has spent decades developing and refining our versatile collection of one-of-a-kind technical apparel, designed to deliver performance and fit for anyone who wants to be more comfortable outdoors. In leveraging unique materials and an experience-driven approach, our range of proprietary technologies helps outdoor enthusiasts look good while remaining warm, cool or dry in any environment – no matter how calm or intense.
Thermal Snare
Keep heat inside the garment while protecting against wind and cold.
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Cool Charge
Stay cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun with chemical-free technology.
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Prepare for the unexpected with waterproof, windproof warmth.
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Stay dry inside and out with our fully waterproof and breathable fabrics.
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Experience 10K Breathability and Waterproof Ratings designed to keep you out there.
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