Take on the Rain with the Ultimate in Waterproof Breathability

We're thrilled to have partnered with the patented eVent fabrics for our Aspire and Endure rainsuits to provide you with the ultimate in waterproof breathability. Engineered with billions of microscopic pores that work instantly to vent sweat from the inside while keeping larger molecules out, our Direct Venting membrane delivers 100% protection in even the nastiest conditions.

Unlike other technologies, it doesn't need to get wet to work. It's a one-of-a-kind "dry system" made to keep you comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions imaginable. So you can leave the wet, clammy feeling out of your rainsuit and in the only place it belongs – your overflowing livewell.

Featuring Our Direct Venting Membrane for Waterproof Breathability

Engineered to Vent Sweat and Heat from the Inside While Keeping Larger Water Molecules Out

Helps You Stay Dry and Comfortable in the Widest Range of Temperatures and Conditions

Fully Dry System that Does Not Need to Get Wet to Work