Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we ship to Canada.

What is the difference between Blackfish and other items that are on the market?

Each item in the Blackfish line is unlike other clothing in the fishing apparel market. The difference is in the technologies that are used in the Blackfish products. To learn more about what sets Blackfish Gear apart, please visit the technology pages for each of our product categories.

What is the difference between the different UPF fabrics (Angler, Guide, Swift, EcoShade) in the Blackfish line?

All of the UPF fabrics in the Blackfish line up are unique. The Angler, Guide and Swift fabrics all feature CoolCharge chemical free cooling technology and have different levels of sun protection and have various fabric textures. The most textured fabric is the Angler and then Guide is the smoothest. The more textured the fabric is the faster the evaporation and cooling process is keeping you cooler and drier because less fabric is in contact with your skin.

The EcoShade UPF fabric is a smooth UPF recycled fabric that will keep anglers protected from the sun and is ultra-comfortable on the skin.

What is the warranty policy on my Blackfish item?

Every Blackfish clothing item comes with a warranty that depends on the item. To read our full warranty policy and to learn what the warranty is on your item please visit warranty policy page.

Do you have size charts for your items?

Yes, most products have a size chart. To find the size chart for the item you are looking at please visit that respective product page.

Will I receive a better price buying directly from the manufacturer?

We encourage you to buy from a dealer in your area for the best pricing. Prices on the website or phone orders are at full retail price. We do not price match and will not undercut the retail stores that carry our products.

Do you have a pro team?

Yes, we have a team of brand pros and ambassadors. If this is something that you would be interested in applying for, please contact us at