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  1. Women's Surge Rain Jacket
    Women's Surge Rain Jacket

    The Women’s Surge Rain Jacket is designed for ladies that want to stay dry and comfortable all day, no matter the conditions. This suit features EquiDry technology that is 100% waterproof and breathable so body vapors can escape. 

  2. Women's StormSkin Squall Jacket
    Women's StormSkin Squall Jacket

    The Squall Jacket with StormSkin technology has all of the comfort and features that female anglers are looking for in an all-weather jacket. With its ultra-soft fleece lining, you will stay warm and comfortable in any of the types of weather you may face.

  3. Blackfish Casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt
    Blackfish Casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt
    $10.00 $30.00

    The Blackfish casual tee is a tri-blend-fabric shirt that is as comfortable as it is stylish. This is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite t-shirt!

  4. Dry Bag Backpack
    Dry Bag Backpack

    This premium, waterproof bag will also hold other valuables that need to stay protected when you are out on the water or in the elements.

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