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  1. EcoShade UPF Long Sleeve
    EcoShade UPF Long Sleeve

    The Blackfish EcoShade long sleeve is made of a soft, stretchable, sun-protection fabric that allows you to be active and move without restriction. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable, cool and protected from the sun all day long. 

  2. Swift UPF Long Sleeve
    Swift UPF Long Sleeve

    The Swift Long Sleeve by Blackfish Gear will keep you cool and comfortable. The Swift has a soft, stretchy fabric that is very comfortable and does not stick to the skin even in the hottest environments. 

  3. Angler UPF Long Sleeve
    Angler UPF Long Sleeve

    The Blackfish Angler Long Sleeve Shirt features CoolCharge chemical-free cooling technology that provides the maximum cooling effect and sun protection on hot summer days. The Angler has a unique fabric texture that creates cooling pockets and wicks moisture away from the skin. 

  4. Guide UPF Long Sleeve
    Guide UPF Long Sleeve

    The Guide Shirt rounds out the Blackfish UPF chemical-free cooling series with one of the highest UPF ratings in an outdoor garment. The unique material is designed for avid outdoors enthusiasts who need protection from the sun and the ability to stay cool.

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