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  1. StormSkin Gale Pullover
    StormSkin Gale Pullover

    The Gale hoodie has quickly become a favorite for anglers on the open water or the ice. With StormSkin technology, this hoodie can handle all conditions and elements. You will stay protected, warm, and comfortable in the Gale hoodie with StormSkin technology from rain to snow to wind.

  2. StormSkin Gale Jacket
    StormSkin Gale Jacket

    The Gale Jacket with StormSkin technology has all of the comfort and features anglers want in an all-weather jacket. With its ultra-soft fleece lining, you will stay warm and comfortable in any weather you may face. 

  3. Gale Vest
    Gale Vest

    The Gale Vest has the popular ultra-soft fleece lining through the body, but it also has a weatherproof fabric outer shell, so you can still wear it out in the elements to keep your core warm and comfortable.

  4. Gale Soft-Shell Pullover
    Gale Soft-Shell Pullover

    The Blackfish Gale is a premium soft-shell pullover designed for ultimate warmth, comfort, and weather protection. With a soft fleece lining, this soft-shell hoodie is unlike any other outdoor garment. 

  5. Zenith Soft-Shell Jacket
    Zenith Soft-Shell Jacket

    The Blackfish Zenith full zip jacket is a premium weather-resistant soft-shell coat designed for the ultimate comfort and weather protection. And it’s comfortable and stylish enough to wear everyday around town!

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