Whether fishing recreationally or competitively, anglers need two things — protection from the sun and core temperature regulation. These two go hand-in-hand. Sun can burn your skin as well as increase your core body temperature.


So, protection from the sun and ultraviolet radiation is critical. UPF garments provide both—  protection that keeps your skin from becoming sunburned, as well as keeping your body core cooled.


The days or wearing short sleeved shirts or no shirts at all are behind us. Many anglers and guides that spend all day in the sun know this. And wearing the proper garments like UPF and cooling “sun shirts and hoodies”, you can stay cooler and more protected than wearing clothes that don’t cover your body.


And for anglers that are “sun sensitive”, a good long-sleeved shirt, hoodie and a neck gaiter are a must-have. A gaiter protects your neck, face and ears which are usually the first areas of skin to burn. And comfortable hoodie keeps the sun off of your head, as well as neck and ears.


Another important point to consider is the use of cooling chemicals. Apparel that uses “chemical free” cooling technology relies on the fabric to provide the moisture wicking and UPF properties, compared to garments that use chemicals to provide these benefits. Chemical free garments like CoolCore will not lose their protection factors after washing and repeated use.


So staying cool, comfortable and protected, whether fishing or just spending a day in the sun, are important. And those all depend on choosing the right combination of sun protection garments.