It started with a vision to create line of clothing that was unlike anything else. Rain gear that actually keeps you dry. UPF wear that has the best sun protection factor a garment can offer. And Soft Shell clothing that is unmatched in warmth and weather resistant qualities. So this line of clothing would become a Black sheep, in a good way. A line that is so unique, it clearly stands out amongst the masses of gear in the apparel industry. There are many outdoor enthusiasts that need and want this level of quality, and of those, fishermen seemed to be the most in-need for premium outerwear. So our named evolved to Blackfish, and a new brand was born..

As anglers ourselves, we know what works and what doesn’t. We saw a need for premium gear that provides the ultimate protection — rain gear that actually keeps you dry, UPF Performance wear that actually keeps you protected and cool, and soft shells that are comfortable and warm.

So we secured the best fabric technology in the industry, and put the best apparel designers to work. The result is a line of premium outdoor wear that is unmatched in performance and protection. We designed Blackfish for anglers that rely on high performance, need reliable gear and are up to the challenge of taking on whatever Mother Nature can dish out.


We know that if you are dry and cool, or warm and comfortable, you will enjoy your outdoor adventures.


If you choose to take on Mother Nature, choose Blackfish.